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Chinese Dishes

Mixed Vegetable and Beef
Fied rice with salted pork and
Stir fried sugar peas with cloud
      ear and Chinese celery
Fried rice with salted duck egg
      yolks and scallops
Stir fry assorted vegetables
Stuffed Zhu Sheng with
      vegetarian ham
Braised pork with beancurd
      sheet knots
Steamed custard cake
Fied rice with abalone in Fujian
Braised E-fu noodles with
      cheese, pumpkin and seafood
Soup noodles with abalone and
Steamed stuffed beancurd puffs
Vegetarian chicken with olive and
      lily bulb
Stewed sea cucumber with
      Shrimp roes
Fo Tiao Qiang
Pig Stomach Soup with
Steamed mandarin fish in
      Shaoxing wine
Carrot and Bird
Crispy shredded taro balls
Fried Prawns with Asparagus

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