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When applying for FDH, every customer will keep an eye on the application progress to avoid any unexpected news; Sunlight Employment Agency staff will monitor and report every detail in application progress for customers so that our customers can feel at ease.



Foreign domestic workers leave their homes to a new environment for work. Homesick moods will inevitably affect the performance of work. Sunlight Employment Agency specially provides free translation and counseling services, whose professional guidance officers will follow up the performance of foreign domestic helpers and assist them to adapt to this new environment, so as make employers more at ease!

Translation and counseling service
Service Hour: from 9:30am on Monday to 7:30pm on Sunday.


Sunlight Employment Agency provides overseas domestic helpers with free training course in Hong Kong and the course contents include Cantonese, baby care and cooking, etc. to further improve domestic helpers’quality.

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  Course Introduction

Course Introduction

Chinese cuisine courses

Baby care courses

Cantonese training

Guidelines to housework and home safety



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