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What to do if employers have difficulties in communicating with maids?

Although the maids have received language training before arrived in Hong Kong, but after all Cantonese is not the maid's mother language, and sometimes there are inevitable difficulties in communication. If so, employers can try to communicate with maids in Cantonese often and we also provide maids with free "training course in Cantonese". If necessary, please dial our customer service hotline, and let us arrange for you.

What to do if maids pretend to understand or do not understand and do not ask?

For fear of being scolded by employers, the maids may pretend to understand even though they do not understand. Employers can teach patiently, also can do personal demonstrations, and then ask the maids to learn to do it, giving guidance and advice aside until the maids fully master it.

What to do of the maids go in one ear and out the other, often forget and make mistakes?

To the things that the maids often forget and make mistakes, employers can explain in detail or do personal demonstration, and require the maid to take it down as reminder.

For the common legal problems related to foreign domestic helpers, you can refer to the Immigration Department's website for details.

Some of the general law applicable to local employees also can be applied to foreign domestic helpers. Please refer to the Labor Department's website for details.

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