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  Customer Survey

Sunlight Employment Agency sincerely respects customers' valuable suggestions!
Please fill out the following simple questionnaire and let us know your evaluation of Sunlight Employment Agency, further to help us improve our services in future, thank you!

Just so-so
Performance of domestic helper
(1) The language skill of currently employed domestic helper
(2) Performance in handling daily housework
     of currently employed domestic helper
(3) Currently employed domestic helper is qualified for baby
     care/ child care/ elderly care
(4) The attitude of currently employed domestic helper
      towards work
Professional performance of customer service chief

(5) The service attitude of customer service chief

(6) Customer service chief can provide professional
     analysis and detailed application procedures
(7) Customer service chief closely follow up the
     application status
(8) If needed, Customer service chief can provide
     timely supports
After-sales services
(9) Customer service chief can follow up the
     after-sales services
(10) Translation and counseling services
(11) The effects of domestic helper’s retraining courses
Application time
(12) The domestic helper arrives in Hong Kong
       within expected time
(13) Service charges are reasonable
(14) Branch’s network is convenient
(15) Web content is informative and useful
(16) Overall evaluation of the Sunlight
       Employment Agency

Other Suggestions
File No Customer service chief responsible for the customer *
Employer’s name *
Employer’s Tel *
Employer’s email *
Maid No  
The date of domestic helper’s arriving in Hong Kong

Please fill out the above information as possible so that we can follow up, thank you.
(Note: information with "*" are necessarily required )



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