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We offer various trainings to new employees who are interested to work in maid recruitment industry. From the training, they can acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills, so as to provide quality services of maid application to our customers. The trainers of our training include Shop Manager and internal professional trainers. The content of training includes:

  • Introduction of industry:
    We offer brief introduction about things to know as new employees in the industry, so that employees can have better understanding of the industry.

  • Training of the use of internal computer system:
    Due to the computerization of our company, we teach employees the operation skills of the system, so as to facilitate the daily operations.

  • On-the-job training:
    Shop Manager and professional trainers offer comprehensive training to new employees; training content includes knowledge of industry, Employment Ordinance, application procedures of maid, selling skills, and follow-up skills. After training, employees are being assessed to measure the effectiveness of training programme.



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