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Methods of Selection for FDH Employment Agency

Lots of people have a feeling that employing FDH is like a gamble, and may not be necessarily successful. In fact, in the market, there are hundreds of employment agencies of different qualities. How to choose a professional and satisfying agency? In general, the employment agencies in Hong Kong can be divided into two types: small, only with one or two branches, the small agencies and chain operations, large agencies. This two types of employment agencies hold their own characteristics, and below we will analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

Small agencies: flexible but not comprehensive

Small agencies, with small scale of only one or two branches and rather loose company system, attract customers with more flexible procedures and charges. They set flexible contract terms and to customers' requirements, they grant whatever is requested. To enhance competitiveness, small agencies will drum up customers either through lowest price or "especially short" time for application. Therefore, in terms of "satisfying" the customers, it seems that the consideration of small agencies are better.

Of course, to small agencies, what customers criticized most is the problem of quality. Not all small agencies are on the same good level. Their main officers may be the boss and human resources may be very limited, which will lead a narrow scope of services and inability to provide comprehensive services such as the follow-up and translation services after the domestic helper reaches Hong Kong. In many cases, when the FDH has problems in adaption or has poor quality of work, small agencies could do nothing but advise the customers to re-apply another FDH. As a result, the employer will lose much time.

In addition, the so-called "especially short" time for application is only an attracting trick. In fact, in process of application of foreign domestic helpers, it requires various times to get approval from the consulates and the Immigration Department after complicated approving process. And the Employment Agency cannot control the time needed. Therefore, the earlier agreed commitment to customers may not be honored, making the customers disappointed and causing them certain loss.

Due to lack of resources, small agencies can only select domestic helpers through overseas agents. The domestic helpers' qualities vary and lack guarantee, and the number of domestic helpers available for selection will be small.

Large agencies: rich in resource but low in flexibility

Compared to small agencies with varied quality, most large agencies, with at least five or more branches, long history, and rich resources and experience, and have good reputations. Because of group-type operation, large agencies have a strong overseas network of agents or training centers; therefore can provide much more overseas domestic helpers for selection than small agencies. In addition, due to richer resource than small agencies, large agencies can provide more comprehensive after-sale services, such as foreign domestic helpers' training in Hong Kong, follow-up service. When the performance of PDH can not satisfy his or her employer, agencies can also work through other means to improve the quality of foreign domestic helpers while do not need to change PDH frequently.

However, because of its long history, most of large agencies have inevitable drawbacks of aging in administrative system. In Hong Kong many old business management. And under the family management, management style is inevitably conservative. Is it difficult for customers to imagine that a lot of old agencies still pass internal messages through passing notes? On the other hand, with continuous customer resources, the old agencies often do not behave actively in entertaining guests, the customer service level is hard to match that of the small agencies.

Advantages of Sunlight Employment Agency

The superiority of Sunlight Employment Agency is that it integrates huge strength with thoughtfulness of small agencies.

  Advantages of Sunlight Employment Agency


  • Agency industry for more than ten years, set up many branches in Hong Kong and personally set up training centers of foreign domestic helpers; with rich excellent and victorious reputation.

  Fully computerized

  • Sunlight Employment Agency is the first to practise computerized online selection for domestic helpers; we update information of foreign domestic helpers every day in order that our customers can select satisfying helpers at home;
  • Through adaption of fully computerized management, Sunlight Employment Agency has significantly reduced any mistakes that may occur in process of application and follow up, and improved our work efficiency.

  Quality maids

  • Sunlight Employment Agency closely cooperates with local large training centers in Philippines and Indonesia, interviewing foreign domestic helper and strictly choosing those domestic helpers with rich experience, good character and enthusiastic attitude for employers' selection.
  • To ensure that foreign domestic helpers can quickly adapt to family life habits in Hong Kong, all overseas domestic helpers selected by Sunlight Employment Agency mostly complete strict training courses. The training contents include Cantonese, baby care, elderly care, housework , cooking, etc.

  Professional sales

  • Sunlight Employment Agency deeply understands that every customer has unique requirements; therefore our professional sales consultants will listen to you, understand your requirement and select for you the most appropriate FDH from the huge database.

  Check of application

  • When appling for FDH, every customer will keep an eye on the application status to avoid any unexpected news; Sunlight Employment Agency staff will monitor and report every detail in application process to our customers so that our customers can feel at ease.

  after-sales service

  • Performance of FDH will easily be affected by their mood, Sunlight Employment Agency sets free translation and counseling services and professional counseling officers will regularly follow up the performance of foreign domestic helpers to help them adapt to an unfamiliar environment;
  • Sunlight Employment Agency provides free training course for domestic helpers in Hong Kong and the course contents include Cantonese, baby care and cooking, etc. to further improve domestic helpers’quality.


  • Sunlight Employment Agency understands that nowadays, business survival lies in customers' satisfaction; under a series of management quality to improve, we will conduct "customer satisfaction survey" monthly to ensure our qualities in service.
  • Sunlight Employment Agency will also conduct regular mystery customer surveys to ensure that every detail of our service meets stringent requirements of today's customers.




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