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Forms and Documents Required for Application for Helpers from Abroad

According to Guidebook for the Employment of Domestic Helpers from Abroad (ID 969) at the Hong Kong Immigration Department The following application forms and documents are required for a new Helper from abroad:

(a) Completed Application Forms (ID 988A and ID 988B) ;

(b) An original copy of the standard Employment Contract (ID 407), which should have been notarized by the appropriate consulate in the HKSAR if so required by the relevant consulate. The employer, Helper and the consulate concerned (if applicable) should respectively reserve one copy of the contract;

(c) A copy of the employer's Hong Kong identity card. If the employer is not a Hong Kong permanent resident, a person with right to land or on unconditional stay, please make a copy of the travel document showing the employer's personal particulars and the latest Hong Kong Immigration stamp;

(d) Financial proof of the employer, such as the latest notice of assessment and demand for tax issued by the Inland Revenue Department; bank passbook/statements showing auto-payment of the monthly salary for the last 3 months; or salary statements/slips for the last 3 months;

(e) Proof of the employer's residential address2 as reported in the standard Employment Contract (ID 407), such as the latest demand for rates note or water/telephone/electricity etc. utility bills within the last 3 months;

(f) A testimonial of the Helper showing he/she has at least 2-year working experience as a domestic helper; and

(g) Copies of the Helper's travel document and his/her Hong Kong identity card (if any).

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